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About Us

Straight after I finished high school I started mowing lawns around the neighbourhood while I studied to get my certificates in Landscaping and Gardening. Then I got my excavator and bobcat license. Slowly over the next couple of months I started to gain some regular customers which then lead me to start my Business. These customers have made me really passionate about the work I was doing and seeing the results at the end of the job, And also just seeing how much happier they were with their yards.

Over the course of a year, I have now gained a variety of customers and my business is now bigger then it was, doing more landscaping jobs which I really enjoy. I actually enjoy the physical aspect of what I do and I especially love growing my S.A owned and operated business and improving my procedures.

There is so much I have learnt that has boosted my knowledge in many areas, Those who know me well know there’s a lot more I’m doing besides what you see and nothing brings be greater joy and fulfilment then looking back on all the hard work I’ve done when the jobs finished & the customers happy.

I’m really excited for what the future will bring.